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André Grueter

André Grueter

September 10 2020


The Community Platform is based on the principle of law of the legal entitiy called "Verein" (Association) in Switzerland, Zug, based on the Swiss Law. 

Every User who register on our social enginge becomes automatically a free member of the community „“ and also receive a vote for the annual meetings for the report and also can vote for changes, features on the platform in a direct democrativ manner.

Our Membership Models - it remains free.

We believe, that every human should have the right to become a free member of a social community, where he is not becoming the product of his own membership for data mining and data harvesting & selling as many other social platform dues. 

Furthermore, we believe in the crowdfunding aspects, since our funders and founders also participiating as crowdfunding sponsor into other projects and services. To enhance the money flow for the infrastructure, ongoing development and maintenance of the projects, we extend the Normal Member Ship with the usual Sponsorship and Donator Model you may know from your local, physical community.

There are no more features than the free membership of But a kind of badge for following Stages for your Profile Picture:

Wanasema Donator      300 CHF yearly (25.-/Month)

Wanasema Sponsor  5'000 CHF yearly

Wanaesma Funder  10’000 CHF yearly

Duties of the Membership

As we will held at least online an anual meeting with some questionaires, we expect you will anser this 5-12 Questions and Vote for or against the acceptance of any change requests. Change reqeuests can be on a organisational structure, platform, technical or feature driven.

You can escuse 2 times in a period of 3 years, not to vote. If there is no further vote on a next community anual report, you will loose your voting rights, but your account stays online. You can revoke your right to vote by buying  then a Donator Membership. Because we believe, if you have the chance to be a part of an democratic movement and platform, you should use this rights. If not, it should hurt a little later to become an democratic member of our global united movements again. 

Company Sponsor

For Companies, Content Creators / Distributor we offer to make them their own group. We offer a similar feature and also an approval process, human driven. By interest, simply connect with us. Unlike on other social engine, you present your channels in a group instead of a site. But within this group, you can create sites, artickle, and connect even back with an automated publish to your other channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Medium. 

So in short, you can really use wanasema social engine, to maintain your community, and publish from there the same content to your channels you like to connect. 

A verified group and profile for professional content producers is free up to 30'000 Followers. 

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